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Torq Recovery Drink


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Torq Recovery Drink is a highly advanced post-exercise nutritional drink formulation that has been designed to Rehydrate, Refuel, Repair and Recharge your fatigued physiology after heavy exercise. Torq has a very strict Anti-Doping stance and guarantees the purity of their products.

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Regular Price: €24.95

Speciale prijs 19.95


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Regular Price: €24.95

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Torq Recovery Drink powder is mixed with water to form a very smooth luxurious shake – the fluid content addressing the first of the 4 R’s, ‘hydration’. Our unique matrix of Glucose Polymers, Fructose (Multiple-Transportable Carbohydrates) and Whey Protein Isolate stimulate the rapid absorption of carbohydrate to re-stock vital glycogen stores. Along with our use of high quality Whey Proteins, our active ingredients, D-Ribose, L-Glutamine and blend of carefully selected vitamins and minerals work together to repair and recharge over-stressed muscle fibres. D-Ribose in particular is unique to the TORQ brand and there is no other nutrient available on the market today that is capable of refreshing energy levels at the intra-cellular level.

Energy 358Kcal per 100g serving.

Allergy Information: For allergens, see ingredients in bold. Contains Milk. No gluten containing ingredients used.

No Preservatives // No Colours // No Artificial Sweeteners // Suitable for Vegetarians // Wheat Free

Tested under ISO 17025 for the presence of prohibited substances



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Customer Reviews

  • Well designed product, great flavour
    Review by Sophieon 5/23/2019
    I have been using Torq for a few years now. Love the recovery drinks, taste is delicious (make them with water or milk, both perfect!), easy to mix, no lumps.
    Looking at ingredients; good carbohydrates vs protein ratio in order to make you take it up as fast as possible. Ingredients are all natural, which I like as a philosophy but also it helps in preventing stomach aches. Can drink this straight after a race without getting nauseous.
  • Recovery is most important!
    Review by Lisaon 5/22/2019
    Recovery is mostly underestimated, but so important! Torq Recovery Drink helps recover faster, whilst tasting great (ecpecially cookies is my fav).