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Ci Pro 1 Propulsive inline skate


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This inline speed skating package will help you maximize your speed, power and confidence on your skates. The Ci Pro 1 Propulsive set up is everything you’d expect in a fully integrated speed skate. The skate that brings together Cádo Motus’ premier race boots with its legendary DualBox®5 frame, the Ci Pro 1 Propulsive is high-performance redefined.

Ci Pro 1 Propulsive inline skate is available for purchase in increments of 1

Price as configured: €0.00


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Ci Pro 1 Propulsive inline skate is available for purchase in increments of 1

Price as configured: €0.00


The Ci Pro 1 Propulsive set up is a study in performance engineering. It starts with the boots. The Ci1 boot  is an innovative stride forward in speed skate boot design. No other stock boot offers the feel and control embedded in this boot’s design. Out of the box custom feel, micro-adjusted fit, ultimate edge control and unlimited potential. It’s all in our fast-forward foot bed and dial-in lace closure system. Its ability to optimize power transfer through the foot bed, into the mounting blocks, across the DualBox®5 frames and right through the wheels to the track is a distinctive feature that sets it apart from others. Everything you give – all your effort - you get back in speed response. The combination of boot and frame combine to deliver maximum results. 


The Boots: The design of the foot bed combined with the dial-in closure and lace system allows for the most efficient distribution of foot pressure possible, and an extremely snug fit. This boot is designed to give you precision edge alignment, so that maximizing your stride has never been easier, from edge to edge. The low-cuff and max-edge ability allow for unparalleled free range of motion. And the speed-fit dials keep you snug and in place over the mounting blocks, right where you need to be to harness every watt of your power.


The Frame: The DualBox® V is a lean frame that exposes more wheel, carved from a single piece of aluminum that delivers consistent power transfer, stiffness and flexibility. With each push you enjoy greater energy return, driving you forward with extra speed that you didn't have to work hard for. Everything you generate in the Ci1 boot reaches its maximum potential.


This is Competitive Intelligence: Nothing is wasted. Your work is worth it. It’s speed from the edge, with maximum control. You’ve never truly carved an inline blade until you’ve skated in the ci Pro 1 Propulsive set up. It’s a step above the competition. 


The Result: More Power Transfer > More Wheel Engagement > More Response > More Speed > More Podiums


The Boots:

  • 100% carbon base
  • thermo-moldable resin
  • 100% aligned and flat mount blocks
  • Anti-bacterial liner
  • Strong Microfiber leather upper
  • Dial-in closure and lace system
  • Ultimate control

The Frame:

  • 195mm mount
  • 4x110mm or 3x125mm
  • Extra Firm
  • Less vibration
  • WT3|7 alu alloy
  • Ultimate wheel exposure


Heat mold instruction:

A special notice for molding Ci1 boots: After the boots are heatened in the oven and put on your feet do not tightened them using the dial closure! Use only the laces (optional in combination with a vacuumpomp/bag). When the disc closure is heatened you may damage the system trying to pull the steel wire laces.

Additional Information

Frame Alloy No
Deck height (mm) No
Mount spacing No
Boot shell construction No
Wheel setup 4x110, 3x125
Boot moldability No
Boot degree of stiffness Extremely stiff-hard+maximum control
Blade steel No


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